Why You Should Learn French Online with Us

There are lots of places that promise to help you learn French. Why us?

Simply this. We have the best implementation of the fastest method for learning French that has been proven for the last 100 years. It’s called “Spaced Repetition” and we will explain it when you click the big “Try It” button at the top right of this page.

We also present the French phrases both at normal speed (which is often too fast for a beginner) and at a very slow “teacher speed” that will help you really hear and learn to copy the French sounds.

For example, click on the left button below and try to say the French phrase out loud after the teacher. Then click on the right button and say each word out loud after the teacher says it.

First watch the video above. Then click the big red “Try It” button. That will take you to an interactive demo.

There are thousands of good reasons to learn to speak French. And it’s very convenient to learn French online. But the best one is, it’s fun!

This portion of our website is for people who want to learn French, the way it’s spoken in France.

If you want to learn French because you are going to Quebec, you should visit our learn Canadian French site.

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