Seven Tips for Choosing Language Learning Software

1.  Choose software that starts with useful phrases, not random words like man, woman, and apple.  The first things you should learn in your new language are phrases like, “What’s your name?” and “Where are you from?”.

2.   Choose a company with fast loading web pages.  If a company hasn’t bothered to make their web site load quickly, do you really think they will help you learn quickly?

3.  Understand why the market for language learning materials has so many useless study aids available.  Imagine how dishonest car salesmen might be if it took you several months of hard work to find out if the car you bought worked or not.

If you complained several months later that your car didn’t work, the car salesman would probably tell you, “Well you just don’t have a talent for cars.”

Sellers of useless language learning software will usually tell you,  “Well you just don’t have a talent for languages” rather than saying, “Our products really don’t work.”

4.  Try to find someone who has studied with the brand of learning software you are considering, but don’t ask them if they like it.

Ask that person to ask you the question, “What’s your name?” in the language they have studied.   People who have studied with Rosetta Stone, usually can’t do this, even after a lot of study.

5.  Try to ignore the beauty (or lack of beauty) of the box you buy or the web site you are buying from.  Do you really need to see a beautiful picture of a tree after you know what the word tree means?  Some of the best working programs look quite simple.

6.  Spend a few minutes learning  how human memory works before you spend months trying to learn your new language.

7.  Remind yourself why you want to learn a new language.  Maybe you just want to learn French for long enough to have fun on a vacation to France.  We can help you learn travel phrases and you can study our lessons in the order that is right for you.

Rosetta Stone starts you with words you are unlikely to need right away, and phrases like, “The boy is under the ball” that you aren’t likely to need on a vacation or in any language class.

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Are you considering Rosetta Stone?  If so, please read our Rosetta Stone Reviews before you waste your time.

We are very glad that they have gotten so many people thinking about learning a foreign language, but you aren’t likely to learn much with their software.

Last Updated:  November 25, 2009

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