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Another Extra Season

Spring is in the air! Back home, that’d sound like a good thing, but not in Japan. Japan has very distinct “events” through the year, and allergy season is one of them. Even though I grew up in an agricultural valley (a big one) I never had allergy problems. In . . . 
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Japanese Particles

Particles In English, word order of a sentence is very important. Not just the basic subject, verb, object order, but also things like prepositional phrases. For example: I saw the lady on the train. On the train, I saw the lady. It’s not an important point for the story, perhaps, . . . 
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Spring is almost here!

Spring is almost here! Yep, that’s what I said, spring. In Asia, people traditionally followed the lunar calendar. The new year starts in February and this is also considered the beginning of spring. In all fairness, there are some trees that blossom in February. Where I live, the plum blossoms . . . 
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Japanese New Year

The end is near! (And a new beginning too) Christmas is over and Japan’s biggest holiday is here. Everyone is busy running around trying to prepare. Food prices are going up and students are enjoying their holidays. Not much for a foreign guy to do except stay home and hide . . . 
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Lesson Content: Casual or Formal?

That’s not what my textbook says. Some of those trying out the lessons may have some questions concerning the forms of verbs that are chosen for the phrases. Here is an excerpt from someone’s question about the Japanese lesson’s phrases. “I tried out the demo for Japanese and was kind . . . 
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Tis the season!

Tis the season! One of the many surprises that I had during my first year in Japan was the popularity of Christmas. It’s everywhere! Everyone loves it. Who wouldn’t? All the lights, decorations, presents… Ahhhh. It’s cold here in the winter too! We may even have a white Christmas this . . . 
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The Japanese Lessons Are Finished!

The lessons have been done! It’s been a year and a half in the making, but we have finished the Japanese lessons. What has been done? An extra set of lessons were added for the student beginning from the very start. They are titled, “Introduction to Japanese.” There are four . . . 
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