Easier for Teachers – More Effective for Students


See at a Glance What Your Students are Learning

With our teacher interface, you’ll be able to see exactly what your students studied, how they graded themselves and how much progress they are making.

And since your students will know that you will be there with them to see their daily progress, and to help them learn, they will be motivated do the consistent study needed to learn a language.

This is the class stats summary page for teachers. You can see who is studying and who isn’t.

You will be able to see your class stats and then quickly see how any particular student is doing in detail by looking at his or her “My Stats” page.

This page shows both you and your students what the student studied, what they are having trouble with (and perhaps need your help with) and exactly how much they have studied.

What’s more, you will also see exactly what grades they have given themselves, and you will know if they are using effectively or not.

Our program makes it easy to spot mindless clicking on the buttons without effective learning.

Parental Involvement Improves Outcomes

Of course, it’s impossible for your students to learn everything that they need to learn in the classroom. To learn a language effectively, your students will also have to study outside of class time. That’s why we have a free option that lets parents also see exactly how much their students are studying and learning. Ask for this if it would be right for your situation.

Good Software Does Not Replace Good Teachers

Good teachers can motivate and encourage students in a way that nothing that we can do in software like animated gold stars and rewards flashed on the screen never could.

Good software can cement a new language into your students minds with the hundreds of reviews that many students will need to effectively learn a language. Just like textbooks improve the learning without replacing the need for good teachers, good software improves the learning experience and improves the classroom experience for both the teacher and the students.

Testing Made Easy

The system is effectively one big continuous self test. If a student has established a reputation with you for honest study you can simply assign grades based on study time as measured by our program. If you are unsure about the students honesty about 15 seconds of asking them questions in their new language will show you whether they are grading themselves honestly or not.

What to Expect From

Our current lessons at are ideal for teaching beginning students to speak and understand a foreign language. Our program is a good choice for any students who are old enough to read a newspaper or older.

These lessons take your students from knowing nothing to being able to carry on a simple but useful conversations.  When your students complete our lessons you should expect them to be conversant at a low level.

Custom Curriculum for Any Level

We can easily and affordably make lessons on any any subject or at any level that you are interested in from beginners to advanced. Some students and some educational environments will need more than just our basic lessons. We can make any lessons from industry specific lessons, to religious, medical or scientific. Just ask about pricing.

See your students study history at a glance.

Try What Your Students Will See

No program, not even ours, is right for every educational environment all the time.

However, our method (spaced repetition) is very popular with polyglots and it may be right for your educational institution.

One of our school customer said this about our program: “Your software is dramatically more effective than anything else on the market for teaching beginning language students.”

That said, you shouldn’t believe it just because our customer said it.

Instead, try our free demo below, and then have one or two of your bright motivated beginning students, try our free demo for 30 minutes. If you want to verify how well our program makes new memories, quiz your student at the end of their study session or the next day about what they learned.

Our potential customers, who test our product against competing products are very happy with their students learning and long term memory retention.

Watch our video instructions first, then try our free demo for the languages you are interested in.  Next… check with your students in a couple of days to see which program helped them remember and learn the most.

The demo below does not include any of our teacher features. But it is exactly what your students will see, so please be our guest and try it now.

Click on any of the languages below to get started with your free lesson:

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