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    What Are The Benefits Of Foreign Language Proficiency?

    Training programs to equip employees with better language skills are known to have a tangible impact on several important aspects of your business: (i) revenue growth, (ii) customer satisfaction, (iii) productivity and collaboration, and (iv) employee retention. In addition to bottom line performance, when employees are able to converse in the language of your customers, even at a basic conversational level, many intangible benefits can arise:
    • They create a better impression of your company when travelling abroad;
    • They develop better relationships with foreign customers and suppliers;
    • They are able to negotiate better deals with foreign companies;
    • They are more able to understand and take advantage of opportunities abroad;
    • They are able to better explain your requirements more precisely to suppliers; and
    • They are able to develop better rapport and goodwill

    Language proficiency may also promote a safer work environment, an issue of significant importance for many firms that have opened overseas and domestic manufacturing facilities employing foreign-born workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have estimated that 25 percent of job-site accidents can be attributed to language barriers.

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