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    The #1 Key to Quickly Learning And Speaking A New Language…
    Without Forgetting What You Learn!

    Before the approach was developed, almost every language learning method was an endless cycle of learning and forgetting.

    While some conventional language learning methods appear to work… most of the methods that give you short term success still result in long-term language learning failure.

    For example, a year or two after a typical language immersion program, most people will have forgotten what they learned. Similarly, a few years after college, most Spanish majors can no longer speak Spanish… and here’s why.

    The Reason Studying Spanish (or any language)
    at Harvard Is a Total Waste of Time

    Imagine for a minute that you have been accepted into Harvard, and that you decide to major in Spanish. On the day you graduate, there’s little doubt that you’ll be able to speak pretty good Spanish.

    But… and this is a BIG but…

    Unless you get a job after college where you speak Spanish every day, the odds are that you’ll quickly forget almost all the Spanish you paid a fortune to learn at Harvard.

    The truth is that when you study a language in school, you remember it long enough to pass the test. After that, in most cases, you forget everything you learned.

    Time Efficient Long-Term Memory Retention…
    Just Ten Hours of Review Per Year to Keep a Language!

    At our system will help you learn new material while you still remember the old material.

    At our system will help you learn new material while you still remember the old material.

    On a personal note, was designed because our founder, Brent, wanted to become fluent in five languages and be able to say hello in twenty languages.

    He wanted to learn quickly and not spend much time reviewing what he had learned.

    So that’s what we designed,.. and it works. In fact, we guarantee it.

    What’s more, after you have learned a language such as Spanish, you will be able to keep a decent 3,000-word vocabulary with only about 10 hours of review per year!

    At you’ll be able to learn new material while still remembering the previous lessons.

    No stress, no long hours studying a text book. Just 10 hours of review per year.

    Learn New Phrases Without Forgetting Old Words

    Here’s the secret to learning and remembering a new language using the approach…

    Our “Spaced Repetition System” will make sure you don’t waste review time on simple words and phrases you already know well.

    You see, it’s how much you learn each day, minus how much you forget each day, that really counts.

    Our system schedules a review time for each item, and then after you have completed all the items scheduled for review in the past, you will be prompted to add a new lesson.

    If you study fast and follow our video instructions carefully, you will learn new material quickly while reviewing old material just enough so you won’t forget it.

    Every time you give yourself a good grade on an item, it will be scheduled for review further in the future. This way, you won’t waste time reviewing words or phrases you already know well.

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    So… try a free lesson right now and start seeing how practical our approach really is, and how much fun learning a new language can be.

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