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    Language learning is big business, and many people spend thousands of dollars trying to learning a new language. After all, the joy and thrill of speaking Spanish, French, Italian, or some other language is exciting to consider.

    Unfortunately, most language-learning methods don’t work.

    It doesn’t matter if the method is computerized, if it’s a software program, or if it’s traditional teaching and textbooks.

    One of the reasons these methods don’t work is that they often start off with useless phrases like, “The book is on the table.” Not exactly a practical phrase! It’s no wonder people give up before they get to enjoy the benefits of speaking a new language.

    Some well-known programs like Rosetta Stone® start you with a list of nouns like “man,” “woman,” “boy,” “girl,” and “apple.” Those words and phrases may seem impressive on paper, but they don’t help you learn to speak the language in a practical, useful manner.

    “At, we take a different approach, one that is practical right away.”

    You will learn practical ways to speak your new language right away. You'll learn phrases like what is this? and How much?

    You will learn practical ways to speak your new language right away. You’ll learn phrases like “What is this?” and “How much?”

    We start you out with greetings and compliments, then quickly move to practical phrases like “What’s your name?” and “Where are you from?” and “Where’s the bathroom?” You’ll also learn phrases like “What is this?” and “How much?”

    By the time you complete your Language101 lessons, you’ll be ready to interact with the locals . . . and have fun in the process!

    Whether you want to learn Spanish for a trip or become more fluent in French before studying at a French university, the practical approach is the most effective way to start.

    No greater thrill than to interact with locals in their native tongue.

    You see, one of the primary reasons some people learn a second language easily while others fail is this:

    Those who learn one or more new languages have figured out a formula to make it fun for them and the people they are talking to.

    When you follow the pattern we recommend for having these wonderful experiences, you are much more likely to succeed. Or, as we like to say, “Incredibly pleasant language learning leads to success!”

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