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What Does the Phrase after Meaning: Mean?

This is the meaning of the Japanese phrase you are going to learn. The idea is to learn to say this out loud before you play it. If the phrase is completely new to you, obviously you should go ahead and play it.

Next time you see this phrase, try to say it out loud, even if you say it badly.

Yes, I'm fine.
What Does the Phrase after Literal: Mean?

This is a word by word translation of this phrase. It will not always make sense. It helps you understand the Japanese word order.

Sometimes several different Japanese phrases have the same translation in English. This line helps you choose the right one to say.

Yes, beginning spirit is.
What Does Hint Mean?

The Hint is one blank line for every word of the Japanese phrase. It lets you know how many words there are in the Japanese phrase and how long they are. This line also shows the punctuation marks, like the symbols ( . , and ? ).

When you click a button below, the Japanese text will display here.

Then say the Japanese equivalent out loud.
I've tried to say this out loud.
Show me the answer.
I don't know.
Show me the answer.
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