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    Learn Spanish Using Your Visual Memory

    Saturday December 19, 2015:  Is it possible to effortlessly remember new Spanish words or any other language’s words and phrases?

    Notable web polyglot Benny Lewis wants you to believe that it’s possible. Just follow his advice, and you too can become fluent in three months. For most people, he’s 100-percent wrong. For a few people, if his best advice works, it will seem like a miracle.

    To understand the paradox of why Benny’s best advice won’t work for most language learners and why it will work like magic for a few learners, you need to know more about the very important thing you are trying to change when you learn Spanish or your favorite new language, which is . . .

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    Learning Spanish for Back to School Success

    August 12, 2015:  It’s back-to-school time, and a lot of parents are thinking about how to help their children learn Spanish. We can help.

    In school, Spanish is usually taught with a strong emphasis on vocabulary, grammar, and taking tests. It’s not a method that we recommend. However, unless your family is homeschooling, you are stuck with whatever method your school offers, and of course you still want your favorite student to excel!

    We are now offering two free online Spanish lessons. Our Spanish teachers can help your children excel in any school Spanish program they might find.

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    Free Spanish, English, and Russian Lessons

    August 31, 2015:  We are now scheduling two free 50-minute online lessons for people who want to learn Spanish, English, or Russian. These are personal online lessons with you and a skilled language teacher.

    We are doing this to promote our online school. So contact us and book your free lessons today.

    If you are a Ukrainian speaker, please read our free lessons page in Ukrainian. Read More . . .

    We’re Adding an Online School

    June 26, 2015:  Ever since starting Language101.com, we’ve known that the best way to learn a foreign language is a combination of learning with good software and learning with good teachers.

    Software can repeat the same thing over and over again 100 times perfectly without getting tired or annoyed. Teachers can do a great job of correcting you when you didn’t get something right.

    Both teachers and software have value separately, and the combination of good teachers and good software is the best one possible.

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    Why You Need a Passport Card

    May 12, 2015:  You may have heard about the passport card that the United States Department of State now issues. Of course, in theory it’s only officially “valid for international land or sea travel between the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda.”

    The Department of State charges extra for a passport card, and you still must have a passport book if you are going to fly to an international destination, so you might think that you don’t need the passport card. Trust me, get one anyway.

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    30 Days to Make Your Language Habit Stick

    January 9, 2015:  Experts say that it takes 30 days to make a new habit.

    So if your plans for 2015 involve learning a new language—if you can study at least five days per week at the same time and place every day—you will form a new language-learning habit, and it will stick.

    Read our articles on how to learn any language, and try our free demo to see if our program is right for you.

    Sleep Less – Learn a Language Faster

    November 20, 2014:  What if you could learn to sleep less, get healthier, feel better, and learn a language faster in the time you used to spend sleeping?

    Face it, the biggest problem most people have with learning a foreign language is finding consistent time to study. Most people just don’t have the time.

    So when I stumbled across a book called “Sleep Better and Less – Naturally” by Artour Rakhimov, of course I was very interested.

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    Customers Should Clear their Cookies and Cache

    July 13, 2014:  We have just made some changes to our software. If you’re a customer who has studied using our software in the past, you should clear the cookies, cache, and temporary Internet files from the browser you are using. New customers are not affected.

    If you don’t know how to clear your cookies and cache, do a Google search, inserting the correct words for your version: “Clear cookies and cache in [browser name] on the [operating system].” Obviously you need to know the name of the browser (Firefox is an example) and the type of operating system (for example, Android or Windows) you are using.

    If you are seeing any strange behavior in our software while you’re studying, clearing the cache is very likely to solve the problem.

    Free Language Lesson for Our Customers

    June 25, 2014: Learning a foreign language at Language101.com is a little bit like driving a high-performance electric sports car. It’s extremely fast, but you have to do it right or it won’t work at all.

    In other words, if you try to study Spanish or your favorite language with Language101.com but try to use the learning methods you were taught in school, it’s a little bit like trying to put gasoline into an electric sports car. It just won’t work.

    If you follow our directions, our software is an extremely fast method of language learning, but it’s almost worthless if you don’t.

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    Our Server Is Faster Now

    June 16, 2014:  Today we solved an intermittent slowness problem with our server that unfortunately had been particularly difficult to solve. Fortunately we think it is now solved. Your studying should now be a lot faster.

    Please let us know what you think.

    Talk to the Language101.com Developers

    June 5, 2014:  We are going to be working on Language101.com very hard this summer, and we’d like to know if you have any suggestions for how to improve our software.

    Our team is currently writing cool new code from Pacific time zone (GMT -07:00); please use the phone number near the bottom of this page to call us and tell us your suggestions.

    Use Smartphone Alarms to Help You Learn Spanish

    May 12, 2014:  No one ever learns Spanish “this year,” but some people will learn some Spanish today! In other words, nothing ever gets done “sometime”; it only gets done in a time called “right now.”

    So to learn Spanish, French, German or your favorite language this year, you will need to learn some of it today at a time called “right now,” and using your smartphone to set daily study alarms is a good idea.

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    Learning Spanish, 15 Minutes At a Time

    April 17, 2014:  Long study sessions can be difficult, so I’ve recently been experimenting with 15-minute study sessions. Much to my surprise, it’s working.

    In the past, we have always recommended that you study for two 30-minute sessions per day, and more if you can. That’s still a good approach and will work well. However, I am also having very good results (maybe even better results) from studying for three different 15-minute sessions — one before breakfast, one close to noon, and one in the afternoon.

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    Language Teachers Can Now See How Their Students Are Doing

    February 22, 2014:  We have just added some cool new features that we think will make it much easier to teach foreign languages.

    Teachers can now see exactly how their students are doing.

    Learn Your New Language in 84 Hours!

    Eighty-four hours of studying Spanish (or your new language) can change your life! If you study your new language with Language101.com for one hour per day for 12 weeks (that’s 84 hours total) you will be able to speak it well enough to travel in countries where your language is spoken.

    You will be able to travel without translators or guides. Of course, you’ll be able to do a lot with your language even if you don’t plan to travel.

    A Very Specific and Bold Claim!

    When you study with Language101.com for 84 hours, you will be able to go from nothing to being able to deal with “most situations that you are likely to encounter while traveling in a country where your new language is spoken.”

    If you want to re-learn a language you learned once (and have since forgotten) you’ll get it back even faster.

    You will also be able to “describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes, and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.”

    Those quotes are from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages description of the B1 level of competence in your new language. That’s not a “native speaker” level of competence, but it may be what you need.

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