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    Why You Need A Passport Card

    May 12, 2015:  You may have heard about the passport card that the United States Department of State now issues   Of course in theory it’s only officially “Valid  for international land or sea travel between the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda.”

    That phrase is actually printed on the back of the card so they can make you feel stupid if you happen  to show up at the airport for a flight to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or Bermuda with your new passport card.

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    30 Days to Make Your Language Habit Stick

    January 9, 2015:  Experts say that it takes 30 days to make a new habit.

    So if your plans for 2015 involve learning a new language –  if you can study at least 5 days per week at the same time and place every day, you will form a new language learning habit and it will stick.

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    Sleep Less – Learn a Language Faster

    November 20, 2014:  What if you could learn to sleep less, get healthier, feel better and learn a language faster in the time you used to spend sleeping?

    Face it, the biggest problem most people have with learning a foreign language is finding consistent time to study.  Most people just done have the time.

    So when I stumbled across a book called, “Sleep Better and Less Naturally”    (opens in a new tab) by Artour Rakhimov, of course I was very interested.

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    Customers Should Clear their Cookies and Cache

    July 13, 2014:  We have just made some changes to our software.  Existing customers who have studied using our software before should clear their cookies, cache and temporary internet files from the browser they are using.  New customers will not be affected.

    If you don’t know how to clear our cookies and cache, do a Google search for your version of “Clear cookies and cache in Firefox on the Android”.  Obviously you should use the name of the browser (Firefox in the example) and the type of operating system (Android in the example) you are using.

    If you are experiencing any strange behavior of our software while studying, this is very likely to solve the problem.

    Free Language Lesson for Our Customers

    June 25, 2014: Learning a foreign language at Language101.com is a little bit like driving a high performance electric sports car. It’s extremely fast, but you have to do it right or it won’t work at all.

    In other words, if you try to study Spanish, or your favorite language with Language101.com and if you try to use the learning methods you were taught in school, it’s a little bit like trying to put gasoline in an electric sports car. It just won’t work.

    If you follow our directions, our software is an extremely fast method of language learning, but it’s almost worthless if you don’t.

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    Our Server is Faster Now

    June 16, 2014:  Today we solved a intermittent slowness problem with our server that unfortunately had been particularly difficult to solve.  Fortunately we think it is now solved.

    Studying and using our server in general should now be a lot faster.

    Please let us know what you think.

    Talk to the Language101.com Developers

    June 5, 2014:  We will are going to be working on Langauge101.com very hard this summer and we’d like to know if you have any suggestions for how to improve our software.

    Our team is currently writing cool new code from Pacific time zone, so please use the phone number near the bottom of this page to call us and tell us your suggestions.

    Use Smart Phone Alarms to Help Learn Spanish

    May 12, 2014:  No one ever learns Spanish “This Year”, but some people will learn some Spanish today!  In other words, nothing ever gets done “some time” it only gets done in a time called, “right now.”

    So to learn Spanish, French, German or your favorite language this year, you will need to learn some of it today at a time called “right now”, and using your smart phone to set daily study alarms is a good idea.

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    Learning Spanish, 15 Minutes At A Time

    April 17, 2014:  Long study sessions can be difficult, so I’ve recently been experimenting with 15 minute study sessions.  Much to my surprise it’s working.

    In the past, we have always recommended that you study for two 30 minute sessions per day and more if you can.  That’s still a good approach and will work well.  However I am also having very good results (maybe even better results) from studying for three different 15 minute sessions, with one before breakfast, one close to noon, and one in the afternoon.

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    Language Teachers Can Now See How Their Students Are Doing

    February 22, 2014:  We have just added some cool new features that we think will make it much easier to teach foreign languages.

    Teachers can now see exactly how their students are doing.

    Learn Your New Language in 84 Hours!

    Eighty-four hours of studying Spanish (or your new language) can change your life! If you study your new language with Language101.com for one hour per day for 12 weeks (that’s 84 hours total) you will be able to speak it well enough to travel in countries where your language is spoken.

    You will be able to travel without translators or guides. Of course, you’ll be able to do a lot with your language even if you don’t plan to travel.

    A Very Specific and Bold Claim!

    When you study with Language101.com for 84 hours, you will be able to go from nothing to being able to deal with “most situations that you are likely to encounter while traveling in a country where your new language is spoken.”

    If you want to re-learn a language you learned once (and have since forgotten) you’ll get it back even faster.

    You will also be able to “describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes, and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.”

    Those quotes are from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages description of the B1 level of competence in your new language. That’s not a “native speaker” level of competence, but it may be what you need.

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    Higher Blood Sugars May Hurt Language Learning

    Do higher glucose levels affect your ability to remember and learn new words? German researchers in Berlin say, yes, they do. The 141 Berliners in the study were asked to remember words (presumably German words) for different lengths of time. Those who had higher blood sugar levels remembered fewer words than those with lower blood sugar.

    The volunteers were all within what is commonly called the “normal” range of blood sugar. Even within that “normal” range, people with higher average blood sugar remembered less well than people with lower average blood sugar.

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    What Our Customers Say

    We ask all our customers why they chose us. On January 6, 2014, this is what one customer said.

    “I tried both the Spanish and French tutorials. I didn’t finish the French tutorial, but I found that days after trying the full Spanish tutorial, I still remembered words and phrases! I felt this boded well.”

    On January 13, 2014, a customer from Canada said this: ”The free trial is why I chose you. After I used it a few times, I was able to remember simple phrases with my French customers.”

    At language101.com, our job is to help you learn fast and forget slowly. So please try our free demo.

    Why I Can Now Speak German, Russian, and Spanish

    You Can Do This Too!

    January 5, 2014: I’m not a genius at language learning. When I hear a foreign language word the first time, I forget it immediately. When I hear it a second and third time, I forget it again and again.

    But when I use the Language101.com software, I learn quickly and forget slowly. Here’s how I tested my language skills in 2013.

    On November 4, 2013, I flew from Seattle to Frankfurt, Germany, for two very pleasant days spent talking German and never leaving the Frankfurt Airport. I stayed at a hotel in the airport, got my hair cut at the airport (speaking in German), shopped at wonderful stores, and ate at great restaurants, all without ever leaving the Frankfurt airport.

    I was able to speak quite a bit of German because several years ago I studied about half of our German lessons. I also try to speak German every chance I get, which is not very often. But when you study with Language101.com you will learn quickly and forget slowly.

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    How I Use my Language Skills When Traveling

    November 27, 2013: When you get off your airplane in another country, it’s great to be able to speak the local language right away. Here is how I do that.

    I study with our software one hour per day for at least eight weeks before I make a trip. Eight weeks is long enough to dust off old language skills or build new ones; and while longer is definitely better, in eight weeks you can learn a LOT.

    The First Thing I Say Is . . .

    When I get to passport control, the first thing I say when I hand the person my passport, is “I love your country.” Of course, I always say that in their language. This gets things off to a good start. It’s also the truth, because I don’t go places that I don’t love.

    After that, every chance I get to speak the local language, I do. When people talk to me in English, I say in the local language, “I love your country, and I’m here to learn your language.” After that, I speak as little English as possible.

    I Get Treated Better Than Most Travelers

    This year I traveled to Mexico, Germany, and the Russian-speaking part of Ukraine, and people always love it when I try to talk their language. In Ukraine, the officials sent me through the very short Ukrainians-only passport line so I didn’t have to wait.

    I’m not a super-genius at language learning; I have to work hard at it and repeat things many times in order to learn them. Fortunately our software makes that an efficient process, so that you can go from nothing to being conversant in 8 to 12 weeks.

    Join me. It’s a LOT of fun!