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    What our 2016 Customers Say About Us

    People who try our free demo for 30 minutes or more usually buy our software.

    Here’s what some of our customers had to say about us in 2016:

    • I have some great news; I am leaving this weekend to visit Europe for the first time. Your excellent language program is really helping me to prepare; thank you for your ingenious work! Thank you very much for all that you do at; it is a tremendous service/product!
    —Jared MacIntyre, Overland Park, KS

    • After the trial lesson I remembered phrases for days, so I decided to get serious and purchase the whole lesson.
    —Chad Limones, Third Lake, IL

    • Quick paced, simple lessons for homeschoolers.
    —Robert Snyder, Northfield, OH

    • I enjoy the ability to access more than one language and have more than one user.
    —Alexandra Doerschel, Aventura, FL

    • The program forces me to speak it out loud and move along quickly.
    —Mark S. Wisniewski, Mission Viejo, CA

    • I like Pimsleur but felt it was too slow and I also need to see the language in writing. I also use Rosetta paid for by company. I like it for vocabulary but found it frustrating for conversation ability.
    —Wilfred Mwamba, Long Island, NY

    • I have an education background in math, physics and music. I have worked in church music over 40 years and in IT with network administration and support. I am drawn to your product without a second thought . . . wow! The planet urgently needs more people like YOU guys!!
    —Daryel Nance, Houston, TX

    • I love that I can access from my work computer!
    —Andre Bernstein, Bremerton, WA

    • Love the tempo of your study program and the continuous repetition of the phrases I didn’t speak properly!
    —Derek Opperman, Los Angeles, CA

    • Rosetta Stone is awful compared to even the short sample that I did before purchasing. I highly recommend this site to my fellow students in my Japanese course and plan on showing my Japanese tutor!
    —Kyle Goodwin, Lakeland, FL

    • As I am a visual learner I needed to see and hear the phrases. I also have a learning disability and need to repeat the words over and see them. Your software is very user friendly.
    —Mary Magazine, Miami, FL

    • I want to learn to speak, and am not so interested in reading or writing. I have used Rosetta Stone, but it had more focus on literacy than I wanted to have. I am an educator in English as a Second Language, with a Master’s in teaching ESL, so I understand the principles of language acquisition. I tried your demo lesson and liked your methodology and philosophy.
    —Andrea Tshihamba, St. Louis Park, MN

    • I’ve used Pimsleur for another language and liked it, I’ve also tried Rosetta Stone and did not like it. I like your method using visual and audio reinforcement and that I can use it on my phone.
    —Kenneth Reynolds, Virginia Beach, VA

    • I already have several Pimsleur lessons but I like that your super language package includes all the languages for life. I also like the multiple user names that you make available as my family and I have for decades shared our language lessons with each other. I think your program will be a great addition to our family.
    —Celia Jones, Elk Grove Village, IL


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    2 Comments to “ What our 2016 Customers Say About Us”

    1. Eleesa

      Wish the program worked with my iPad. Don’t find the place to start the lesson.

      • thomas

        Eleesa –

        In order to use the software with the iPad just go to one of the language pages using the flag selector on the website. Here’s a link to Spanish:

        Just click the ‘Try Now’ button to get started!

        Thomas Wyse

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