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    Is Your Computer Killing You?

    September 6, 2017:  Many years ago, people used to think that smoking cigarettes was good for you. Doctors used to prescribe smoking to cure lung ailments. People who grew tobacco and made cigarettes were proud that they made a product that was good for people.

    Then the research began to pile up, and gradually it became clear that smoking cigarettes was deadly.

    Cigarettes are NOT a harmless diversion, and the very real benefits of weight loss and extra mental sharpness that you get from smoking are more than outweighed by the longer-term risk of cancer.

    Are Computers The Next Cigarettes?

    Move forward in time to 2017. Most people think that the computers they use are either a pleasant, harmless way to connect to the world or a useful business and educational tool. Programmers and techies are proud to make educational products that help people.

    When Steve Jobs died of cancer, no one really wanted to say that maybe his iPhone caused his cancer. There was too much money in it.

    In late 2016, I had an “Oh Shit” moment when I realized that the product that I had devoted my life to, language learning software, fundamentally is just like cigarettes. The computers that you use to run our software are deadly.

    Like cigarettes, the health risks accumulate slowly, but in the end, the computer you are reading this on, and smoking cigarettes, will both kill you just as dead.

    So What Should You Do?

    Immediately install Iris eye protection software on all the computers where you use our website. Set the software to the programming setting when using our website. Our site will look different, but it will work just fine. This will minimize your blue light exposure risk.

    There are many different ways that computers negatively affect your health. It is possible to build less dangerous computers. Probably the most important way that computers negatively affect your health is to ruin your body’s chronobiology, by shining intense blue light in your eyes every time you look at them. Essentially you are telling your body that it’s 12:00 noon every time you look at a computer screen.

    This ruins your sleep and puts you on the road to disease and an early death.

    This article will be revised several times over the next week to give you more details about how to minimize the health risks of computers.

    Stay tuned.

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    7 Comments to “ Is Your Computer Killing You?”

    1. Les Jameson

      Interesting idea, Brent, without one published peer reviewed paper I am aware of to back it up. Zero, zilch, nada.
      Get back to changing diapers;-)

      • Merci Berg

        I worked for an electric company and we were told in a private meeting when the new meter system was about to be implemented, that setting the meter outside of a child’s bedroom was not exactly a good idea, as they were aware of wi-fi health risks. However, they were not going to let the public know that….sad. My eyes began to open to the deceptive tactics used by them…
        I did some research, and Europe has been aware of the dangers from cell-phone use with children for 10 years.
        Then less than a year later my son was having a sports physical, and the doctor asked him if he slept near any wi-fi capable devices. Our medical profession is aware of the danger apparently…but we are all guinea pigs.
        Kudos for being vigilant and caring about the health of your customers!
        As far as “peer reviewed” papers, I don’t know about you, but my experience with “peers” is that they are in competition with your knowledge and not necessarily even want to play in the same court. It is a job eat job world…but here is some info on it. Radiation is real.

        Nanette Berg (Merci’s Gram)…..

      • Brent Van Arsdell

        My babies are fun. And you should know that when my baby is older, I will not allow him to use my software in it’s current form. Hopefully when he is old enough to need learning software, I will have some lower biological impact products available.

        In the mean time, spend some time on Pubmed looking up the biological effects of blue light and see if you still think I’m crazy.

        • Brent Van Arsdell

          The Body Electric, by Robert Becker and Gary Selden is probably the definitive book on how incredibly tiny electromagnetic fields have huge effects on biology.

          Becker Studied limb regeneration in salamanders. If you cut off the leg of a salamander, it will grow another leg. Wouldn’t it be handy if victims of accidental amputation could grow new arms or legs. It turns out that in some cases of accidental amputation of finger tips and top tips in children below a certain age, that the fingers and toes will re-grow if the Dr. treats the injury in the right way. Read the book for details.

          Becker ended up learning how bones re-generate. His research led to FDA approved devices to regenerate bone. His work is well known today in the field of orthopedic surgery.

          The key point for you to learn from this book is that all of biology responds to incredibly tiny electric fields. For example, one of the several ways that our circadian rhythms work is that our bodies sense the daily fluctuations in the earths magnetic field. This is an amazingly small field. Our computers generate relatively huge fields and light that has a strong (usually but not always negative) effect on our biology.

          Human bone is a semiconductor and human collagen is also a semiconductor. The prevailing dogma is that you can use pulsed microwaved devices (anything with wi-fi or a phone) and that as long as your body doesn’t get hot, then the microwaves are having no effect.

          My background as a ham radio operator, and as an aeronautical engineer, leads me to believe that there is no possible way that I can use pulsed microwave devices next to my semiconductors in my body (bones and collagen) and not have it have an effect.

          Read Becker’s book and I doubt that you will come away thinking that artificial fields and artificial light have no effect on biology.

    2. Angus L Jameson


      I can and have read all kinds of books. If they are not peer reviewed and the results replicated in double blind studies, they are usually trying to sell something or feather their nest.

      Remember “Chariots of the Gods?” What a bunch of crap.

      Remember “cold fusion” and all the kerfuffle about it until someone tried to duplicate the results. Most people will believe anything and there are worlds of hopeful and frequently desperate people that will buy it, as well as conspiracy theorists and flat-earthers.

      Good science is very hard work and frequently boring. Dissertations do not sell well.

      Best regards,


      • Brent Van Arsdell

        I’m a big fan of reading peer reviewed research. Please spend as much time as you can on Pubmed reading about the effects of light and read about the effects of cell phones while you are at it.

        Prevailing dogma states that if an artificial electromagnetic field is not strong enough to heat tissue, then it has no effect. Unfortunately this is wrong. Biology does not care what we think, what we like or what makes our life convenient.

        This peer reviewed article on Pubmed talks about a new experimental 65 Mhz therapy for Alzheimer’s disease.

        It does not heat the tissues, but it still has a strong effect.

        I like computers, ham radio, and all sorts of cool technology that in my current opinion, is not good for you.

        I am certainly not dancing in the streets about the fact that computers in general, and mobile phones in particular are overall not good for you.

        If you want to learn a lot more about the effects of visible and invisible light on your biology, spend some time on this blog:

        Here’s a link to a page that explains how RF (cell phones and wi-fi) effects us without heating:

        The purpose of is not to talk about health it’s to talk about language learning. I only am writing about health, when I realize that it would be unethical to NOT do so.

        Here’s to your health, prosperity and becoming a polyglot!

    3. Brent Van Arsdell

      Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded on October 2, 2017 to three scientists who figured out how circadian rhythms work.

      These rhythms are fundamental to almost all biology and they impact everything including foreign language learning.

      The short takeaway to this is that if you mess up those rhythms by using a web site to study your language that has a lot of blue light in it, just before you go to bed, you will sleep worse and learn less.

      The ideal time to use this web site with it’s default colors (which contain a lot of blue) to study a language would be 12:00 noon local time.

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