Unusual Student Proves You Can Learn Russian

I spoke with a Russian language teacher who told me an interesting story. She said that last semester she’d had a student in her Russian class who had Down’s syndrome. He never missed a class and studied very hard, and when the semester was over, he didn’t get the best grade, but he HAD learned to speak some simple Russian.

When the teacher asked this student why he wanted to learn Russian, he said that he had a strong interest in history and thought that learning Russian would help him study Russian history.

You may not think you are smart enough to learn Russian, but if you are smart enough to be reading this article you are definitely smart enough to learn Russian. Of course it would be nice to have an awesome talent for languages, but this child didn’t and he learned Russian. I don’t have an awesome talent for languages and I have learned Russian.

Your success in learning Russian will depend much more on your enthusiasm, persistence, and learning methods than it will on your raw intelligence. With enough motivation and a decent learning method, even a Down’s syndrome child can learn Russian.

And if a down syndrome child can learn Russian, you definitely can learn Russian.

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