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    How to Study a Language While Flying in an Airliner

    Delta Wi-Fi Logo

    Delta Airlines has wi-fi on some of their flights.

    Recently I got on a Delta flight and was greeted with a Wi-Fi logo on the side of the plane as I entered. This is good news for language students who fly. If you are flying on Delta, or other airlines that offer this service, you can study while flying.

    Unfortunately, this was the only flight I’ve made in the last several years without my laptop, so I can’t tell you exactly how well the wi-fi works, but lots of people on the plane were using it, and no one seemed to be complaining about performance.

    Here are my suggestions for how to study while flying in an airliner with this kind of service.

    First make sure you have a good over-the-ears, high-quality headset. You will definitely need this to make sure you can hear the audio well.

    You also may want to consider purchasing an active noise-canceling headset that uses electronics to cancel out the background noise.

    If you are a frequent or even an occasional flyer and you want to study a language while aloft, this should work well.

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