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    Where Did the “Study Links” Go?

    June 5, 2013:  If you aren’t logged in, you may notice that the “Study Links” category which used to be on the top left of each language home page is not there.  So where did it go?

    We made this a logged in only feature at the suggestion of one our customers named “Ray” (thank you Ray).  You can still get to these pages by logging in to your account.  If you aren’t already a customer you will need to become a customer and get your account set up first.

    You Won’t Learn Much by”Looking” at the Lessons

    We want to remind all our customers and potential customers that you won’t learn much by looking at the pages you will see when you click on “Select Your Next Lesson”.  To learn quickly with you need to click on “Start Studying” from your language home page.

    Of course everyone should watch our video instructions. They will help you learn a lot faster.

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