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    September 26, 2012:  Beginning language students can now learn a lot of their new language for free right here! Here’s how it works.

    Select the language you want to learn from the list at the top right of this page, and bookmark that page. Then click the big ‘Try It” button and do the demo. After the demo, you can start learning a large beginners Spanish (or your favorite language) lesson.

    Study for 30 minutes, then keep coming back later to learn more until you have completed the free lesson.

    If you use the same computer and the same copy of Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox, our computer will remember exactly where you stopped.

    If you use a different computer or browser, you will have to quickly click through the items you have already learned to get to new material.

    Why not start learning your new language for free right now!

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    2 Comments to “ Start Learning Spanish, French, German, or Russian for Free Right Here”

    1. lind

      You mentioned in the review of Pimsleur that the full course is in excess of $1000. However, I have not been able to find the cost of your course on you website.

      Also, I disagree about learning while driving. Depending on traffic conditions, let’s say on an interstate at midnight, it IS safe. One must just remember that driving is the number one priority and be willing to miss some stuff if necessary (one can always listen again later – it’s unlikely that an interruption will occur at exactly the same place in the lesson)

      • Brent Van Arsdell

        First I apologize that you can’t easily find the prices. We thought that was clear enough but it is not.

        If you click on the word “Products” at the top right of most pages it will take you to the prices quickly.

        On learning while driving, there are some very lonely and wonderful roads in the United States, where driving truly does not take much attention. Of course the reason why those roads are lonely is that there are very few people there!

        We agree, driving should be your number one priority. Thanks for your post.

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