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    Learning Spanish for Back to School Success

    August 12, 2015:  It’s back-to-school time, and a lot of parents are thinking about how to help their children learn Spanish. We can help.

    In school, Spanish is usually taught with a strong emphasis on vocabulary, grammar, and taking tests. It’s not a method that we recommend. However, unless your family is homeschooling, you are stuck with whatever method your school offers, and of course you still want your favorite student to excel!

    We are now offering two free online Spanish lessons. Our Spanish teachers can help your children excel in any school Spanish program they might find.

    Recommendations for Homeschoolers vs. Traditional Schools

    For homeschoolers we recommend our software plus our online teachers. Our software and our teachers will focus on helping your student speak and understand Spanish quickly.

    For students in traditional Spanish courses, we recommend our teachers but not our software, unless your student has a high desire to learn to speak and understand Spanish as well as get a good grade.

    For traditional Spanish courses, we will help your child to learn what he is being offered in school. Personal attention from one teacher is much better than the teacher trying to help 30 students.

    Your Child Will Ace Every Test

    If your child does what our teachers suggest, he or she will literally get 100 percent on almost every test. Our methods for study allows your child to quickly learn and remember whatever is being taught in his or her school!

    If you don’t believe me, try our free Spanish demo for 30 minutes and see how much you remember a day later or a week later. You will remember what you learned if you follow our directions on how to study, which are basically, “Go fast!”

    To schedule a free Spanish lesson (or two) for your favorite student, please contact us with your name, your student’s name, and Skype user ID.

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    2 Comments to “ Learning Spanish for Back to School Success”

    1. Dana Witkowski

      Hi- I am interested in your homeschooling classes.
      I have a 7th grader who has no Spanish experience and a high school junior who has a few years of traditional school Spanish class. I believe he would start at a Spanish 2 class if he was in school.
      I’m not sure how to begin with the online studies. If both “students’ should be on there own levels or if they could some how work together.
      My gut feeling is that my son is much more advanced and they may both benefit in being in separate studies.
      What would that look like, what is the cost and how would I go about starting this.
      Thank you for your support.

      • thomas

        Dana –

        Excellent questions. provides separate accounts for each student. In this way everyone always learns at their own pace. Having two sons work together would look more like having practice time with one another speaking Spanish for 15 minutes or more in any given time frame. In this way the younger boy would get concepts that the older one already knows. Having to explain himself to the younger boy would give him the abstract thinking and communications to help him frame things in a way the less experienced boy would be able to understand.

        This is much like a common thing that happens in an immersive environment – the new student is immersed in a situation where the more advanced speakers communicate in more advanced language. This creates a stimulus of learning through context and necessity.

        You can find all the costs for the software at varying levels here:


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