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    Sleep Less – Learn a Language Faster

    November 20, 2014:  What if you could learn to sleep less, get healthier, feel better, and learn a language faster in the time you used to spend sleeping?

    Face it, the biggest problem most people have with learning a foreign language is finding consistent time to study. Most people just don’t have the time.

    So when I stumbled across a book called “Sleep Better and Less – Naturally” by Artour Rakhimov, of course I was very interested.

    My Results So Far

    I’ve tried most of the suggestions in the book and have improved the quality of my sleep dramatically. I’ve reduced the amount of time that I sleep from about ten hours (after which I used to wake up feeling grumpy) to about eight hours, and much of the time I wake up feeling like I’m on top of the world.

    I no longer have a problem with insomnia between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. that I had had for ten years. Overall, I am extremely happy with what I have learned from this book. While I have not yet reduced my sleep as much as Artour says is possible, I think that is very likely to happen, based on my success so far.

    Overall, I highly recommend this book. You definitely will not find this sleep advice elsewhere, and you can learn your favorite foreign language with the extra time you used to spend sleeping!

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