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    Free Spanish, English, and Russian Lessons

    August 31, 2015:  We are now scheduling two free 50-minute online lessons for people who want to learn Spanish, English, or Russian. These are personal online lessons with you and a skilled language teacher.

    We are doing this to promote our online school. So contact us and book your free lessons today.

    If you are a Ukrainian speaker, please read our free lessons page in Ukrainian.


    Why Use Teachers and Software?

    Using personal teachers and software is a great way to learn a language. Our teachers are very good at encouraging you and correcting you. Our software is very good at helping you memorize everything quickly.

    What We Will Be Offering

    With language learning, there is a minimum effective time that you need to spend per week, or you won’t learn anything. We won’t waste your time with once-a-week lessons. Our plan provides the optimal frequency for learning quickly.

    We plan to offer packages of lessons between four and seven days per week for either four, eight, or 12 weeks. We highly recommend eight weeks or more, as you will see a lot of progress in that amount of time.


    We haven’t established prices for our online lessons yet, but we expect that you will find them reasonable. Coming soon!

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