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    Last Chance to Pay Once for Our Program

    Way back when we started in 2007, everyone else was selling boxed software while we were selling online software. In order to compete, we had to offer pricing that was similar to what people were getting when they bought a box of software.

    So we offered plans where you could either pay once and use our program forever, or make twelve monthly payments and then use our program forever.

    On Tuesday our One Time Payment Plans Will Be History

    But the marketplace has changed and now essentially all of our competitors are offering online software like we have always offered and are calling it “Software as a Service.” So on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. New York City time, our one-time payment plans followed by lifetime access and our twelve monthly payment plans followed by lifetime access will be replaced by monthly subscriptions or annual subscriptions.

    The Die is Cast and the Code Has Been Written

    Look around the web, this is what everyone selling educational software is doing. Compact Discs are now being used as drink coasters.

    We have already written most of the computer code necessary to make the change and since Tuesday morning is a good time in our weekly schedule to make the change, that’s when we are going to change.

    So click on “Pricing” and get a once in a lifetime chance to pay once for our software and use it forever.

    We have been keeping our promises to keep our software working and getting better for the last 11 years and we plan on keeping them for the next 11 years and hopefully more.



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