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    Using on the iPhone or iPad

    News Flash: now works on iPhones and iPads.  The article below is now obsolete.  Read how to use on your iPhone.


    I recently got this email from a customer. “I tried using via Safari on my iPad, but it did not have sound. Anything special that I need to do?”

    Unfortunately, Steve Jobs has decided that Apple isn’t going to support Flash on the iPad or iPhone. Seventy-five percent of the video on the web uses Flash, so most web video won’t play on an iPhone or an iPad. There isn’t anything broken on our site.

    iPhone and iPad Options

    First you could call Steve Jobs and say something like, “Steve, I love you and I love my iPad, but I really need my iPad or iPhone to run Flash. Would you please make Flash available as an option for me?”

    Wish him good wishes for his health while you are at it, because he hasn’t been as well as he would like to be.

    Seriously, please do call him. Of course, you’ll get some administrative assistant, but he’ll get the message.


    1 Infinite Loop
    Cupertino, CA 95014
    Phone:  408-996-1010

    Alternatives to the iPhone

    Another option is to buy an Android phone. works just fine on the Android. Read my post called

    Learn a Language on Your Android Phone

    to make sure you get the right version.

    Another option is to “jailbreak” your iPhone or iPad and install Firefox with Flash support. This will make work just fine on your iPhone or iPad.

    “Jailbreaking” an iPhone or iPad is a process in which you modify the software of the iPad so you can run other software that wasn’t purchased through the Apple store.

    “Jailbreaking” your iPhone or iPad is not illegal, immoral, or fattening, but it may void your warranty and it may have to be redone every time you get a software update from Apple. Then again, when was the last time you used a warranty?

    Options That Won’t Work

    There are programs that will re-route web content from a regular browser to your iPhone or iPad. I wouldn’t bother to try them on our site because they will be too slow to work well.

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    6 Comments to “ Using on the iPhone or iPad”

    1. Brent Van Arsdell

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks very much for the feedback. Would you please try our demo and let me know if it works on your iPhone.


    2. Martin

      Did it work on your iphone, Michael?

    3. Ben Gurion

      I have found that your program is very good. I see that you already have an offering of a language from Scandinavia in that of Danish but would love to see it expanded to include Norwegian. I would love to expand my proficiency in this beautiful language and know that there would be many others with the same interest in seeing a more advanced offering of Bokmal Norwegian in your language program.

      Thank you for the great program.

      • Brent Van Arsdell

        Hi Ben,

        We would absolutely love to add Norwegian soon. Thank you for your kind remarks. It’s encouragement like this that will make it happen sooner.

        Brent Van Arsdell

    4. João Costa

      is your webapp still dependent on Flash?

      • thomas

        João –

        We are currently developing a twin application in HTML5. It’s quite a complex bit of programming and we look forwards to the day it is complete and can be released. intends to use a compatibility sensing algorithm to determine which application to load for the browser being used. This will help bring more users into a place of compatibility.


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