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    Going to Italy? We Want to Help!

    The charming woman who cleans my house is going on vacation to Italy. She wants to try a few Italian wines and maybe flirt with a few Italian men.

    Naturally, I wanted to help. Fortunately, we now have many more lessons completed than she could possibly learn before arriving in Italy.

    Because we are so close to being done with our Italian lessons, I made a deal to swap house cleaning for an Italian learning program so she could have a better time on her vacation.

    If you are planning to travel to Italy soon, we may be able to help you too.

    “Super Package” Customers Can Now Learn Italian

    Our Italian lessons are not yet completed, but if you are planning to travel to Italy soon and if you are already a Super Package customer, or if you want to upgrade to a Super Package (if you are not currently a Super Package customer), please contact us, and we can help you a LOT.

    I would like to help you have more happiness on your trip to Italy,  just as I helped my cleaning lady!

    We are still not yet accepting new customers for Italian by itself, but if you want to buy a Super Package and learn Italian and something else with it, go ahead and sign up through the page of the other language you want to learn.

    Contact us for help on how to study Italian after you have signed up for a Super Package.


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