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    Geomagnetic Activity May Help You Learn a Language Faster

    Solar Flares

    Solar flares affect the earth's geomanetic field and might speed up learning.

    Have you ever had days when your study seemed to go very well, perhaps for reasons that you didn’t understand? It could that be the earth’s magnetic field was helping you.

    “Rats exposed to geomagnetic fields learn mazes more quickly.”

    This is from an article by B. McKay and M. Persinger, “Geophysical Variables and Behaviour: LXXXVII. Effects of synthetic and natural geomagnetic patterns on maze learning,” Perceptual and Motor Skills, 1999; 89 (3 pt 1): 1023-4.

    If you want to see if today’s geomagnetic activity is intense or not, visit this link:

    Then click on “Three Day Solar Geophysical Forecast.” If you aren’t already an astronomer, you will find that this page isn’t the world’s clearest writing, but usually you can figure it out.

    Today’s report included this item:

    “The geomagnetic field was at active to minor storm levels for the first 12 hours of the period . . . ”

    Earlier today I had an excellent one-hour language study session. Perhaps I was being helped by a stormy or intense geomagnetic field, who knows?

    The sunspot cycle will be increasing from now until it peaks in 2012.

    If increased geomagnetic activity does indeed help human learning as well as rat learning, then 2011 and 2012 should be a great time to learn a language.

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