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    Free Language Lesson for Our Customers

    June 25, 2014: Learning a foreign language at is a little bit like driving a high-performance electric sports car. It’s extremely fast, but you have to do it right or it won’t work at all.

    In other words, if you try to study Spanish or your favorite language with but try to use the learning methods you were taught in school, it’s a little bit like trying to put gasoline into an electric sports car. It just won’t work.

    If you follow our directions, our software is an extremely fast method of language learning, but it’s almost worthless if you don’t.

    Video Instructions

    If you want to learn quickly with, you will need to watch our video instructions two or three times. Make sure you understand the videos and are following the instructions. You should also go through the instructions you see when you click the big “Try It” button for your new language at least twice.

    Free Class Via Skype

    For our current customers and anyone who orders by July 2, 2014, we are offering a free online class to help get you on the right track.

    After you have watched the video instructions, please contact us for a free 30-minute online class via Skype.

    Please make sure you have Skype working well and can make video calls and that you know how to use the Skype “Screen Sharing” feature before your class time. This will help you get all the performance out of that is possible.


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    2 Comments to “ Free Language Lesson for Our Customers”

    1. Christopher Zimny

      To whom it may concern,

      Is it possible to do the free class you offer to customers without actually being a customer, i.e., as a free trial?

      All the best,
      Christopher Zimny

      • thomas

        Christopher –

        Thanks for asking for what you need. It is required to have a user account in order to participate in the free class. However if you are having any challenges with the free demo, or want to understand more clearly how the system works, there are some excellent free tutorials here:

        All of the features of the software are presented in the videos for training. If you need any more help or assistance with using the software or how to properly use the software please feel welcome to send a message along to:

        In this way we can offer you the most personal assistance and meet whatever needs you may have for learning about and our software’s performance.


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