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    How to Learn Four Japanese Words in Thirty Seconds

    Some things about learning Japanese are easy. Really easy.

    Click on each fruit picture to see how fast you can learn to say banana, kiwi, mango, and papaya in Japanese.

    I bet you did it in less than thirty seconds.

    Now let’s talk about the part that you think is hard, the part where you have to learn all those new Japanese words that you don’t already know. Isn’t that going to be hard?

    Well, it won’t be hard after we get our Japanese program done. You see, we will take the Japanese language and cut it up into banana-bite-sized pieces that are served both as slowly as a Japanese tea session and as fast as a bullet train.

    On August 18, 2010 we released Canadian French. Italian is well under way. Mandarin Chinese and Japanese are next.

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    4 Comments to “ How to Learn Four Japanese Words in Thirty Seconds”

    1. Kathy Accardi

      If I were to purchase the Super Suite with all the current languages and wanted the additional ones, such as Italian, which I am defanitely interested in, how much more would that cost me?

      • thomas

        Kathy –

        The Super Package is such an amazing bargain because it includes ALL languages, current and future additions, for the rest of your life! You will have immediate access to Italian the moment the first lesson is posted as well as Japanese when we get it completed too!

    2. Jone Higuchi

      Your posting on Japanese language in 9/18/2010, you will be working on after completing Italian, Chinese than Japanese. Do you have intro date for Japanese language?

      Thank you,


      • thomas

        Jone –

        Due to the way Japanese is written (vertically) it is posing a wonderful new challenge for the development team to work with. There will be quite a joyful announcement when we have all the bugs worked out enough to release this very beautiful language.


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