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    Learning Spanish, 15 Minutes At a Time

    April 17, 2014:  Long study sessions can be difficult, so I’ve recently been experimenting with 15-minute study sessions. Much to my surprise, it’s working.

    In the past, we have always recommended that you study for two 30-minute sessions per day, and more if you can. That’s still a good approach and will work well. However, I am also having very good results (maybe even better results) from studying for three different 15-minute sessions — one before breakfast, one close to noon, and one in the afternoon.

    For most people, 15-minute study sessions are easier to work into a busy day than 30-minute study sessions. Also, from my testing it seems that three 15-minute sessions spaced through the day at the times when you are mentally fresh are just as good as, or perhaps better than, two 30-minute study sessions.

    I’ve even found that one 15-minute study session per day is enough to make some progress and is a lot better than skipping a day.

    So pick your favorite language and learn it here by studying 15 minutes at a time.

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